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Viking Characters | 3D Animation Coursework


Vega School Durban



These works were part of my Second Year Game Art module for Vega School Durban’s Game Design and Development degree, during which students were individually required to design a Viking-inspired character and their associated weapon and helmet props. Additionally, our characters needed to be modelled in 3D, rigged for animation, and animated; whilst maintaining a strict maximum polygon count of 6,000 ‘quad’ (4-sided) shapes in the entirety of our models. This encouraged us to ensure that our character designs conveyed personality and expressiveness, even with a limited number of shapes to construct the models. My character, Jorleif the Viking, is a ‘strong-and-silent’ type; with his trusty hand-axe and extravagant horned-helmet, he stands at the ready for any upcoming battles, steadfast and stoic in his demeanor.

Later in the project’s duration, each student needed to design and model two additional Viking-inspired helmets to fit a character that was provided, this time sculpting 3D models of the props in modelling software such as Blender or ZBrush. I created one helmet influenced by true historical Viksø helmets, and another inspired by contemporary depictions of Nordic warriors.

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