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trofee. | Productivity App UI Mockups


Vega School Durban



In one of my final university course modules, students were required to work in groups to design and develop a productivity application for Android smartphones. Our applications needed to include features such as timesheet tracking, project organisation, and user data presentation as per the brief - but our group wanted to add further features to improve user engagement and experience with the app. The solution to these needs was "trofee." - a play on the English word 'trophy' - an app designed to utilise trophies, goals, and other user accolades alongside traditional project management features to provide users with a fresh approach to productivity. We were primarily inspired by games where players receive medals and trophies for completing certain tasks, realising the opportunity to apply this reward structure to boost user productivity.

The concept behind "trofee." aims to motivate users to set, manage, and achieve their goals for client-based project work. Although "trofee." has not been officially released to the public, the development of the app was treated as if our team were accomodating real-world users. My primary role within our small project group was to design UI mockups for our proposed app; utilising UI/UX principles to ensure that the application's interface was accessible, appealing, and adaptive to user needs, as well as being intuitive to use.

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