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Ryverwake | An Endless Runner Game


Vega School Durban



In collaboration with a fellow classmate, the Ryverwake project formed part of our Second Year portfolio for the Game Development module at Vega School Durban. Inspired by the mythological River Styx, and legend of the spirit ferryman, Charon; Ryverwake is an ‘endless runner’ game featuring my own interpretation of the spirit farer himself. Kharon, as we called our protagonist, and his journey down a fantastical river places a new twist on the classic endless runner genre; and includes custom-made characters, environments, and props to immerse players within its world.

In addition to the concept art and character development work for Ryverwake, I also created a custom game logo for use in the game's UI, as well as its official showcase artworks as shown here.

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