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Personal Branding | Logo Variations


Personal Work



I have used the pseudonym “Desyx” (pronounced deh-zicks) in the online art community since 2016, when I first began offering commissioned art pieces to international clients. At the same time, I created the horned, fox-like character with the same name, who now features across my logos and personal work. The name Desyx - along with this character who shares my name - has become the core element of my personal branding over the years. In late 2023, I decided to officially launch myself as a professional artist, designing a set of custom logos that represented the essence of my personal brand.

I experimented with multiple design iterations before creating the final logos seen here. The visual of swirling black smoke has been associated with my fantastical canine character since his initial creation, and so this became motif features heavily in my personal branding. Using Adobe Illustrator, I developed custom, Gothic-inspired lettering with smoke-like flair for my core logotype. Highly stylised, but still recognisable, interpretations of my mascot make up the remaining portions of my logo designs, adding a spookily quirky quality that inspires much of my work.

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