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Oh, H*LL! | Game Jam 2023


Vega School Durban



Along with two of my classmates, I participated in a Game Jam event organised by Vega School Durban as part of our 2023 Third Year Game Design module’s coursework. Given a theme: “cartoon” and a game mechanic prompt “bounce”, to include within our game concept, the team had a limited time frame to complete the artwork and design of a brand-new game. Oh, H*LL!, is a “tongue-in-cheek” horror-comedy game inspired by retro cartoons and horror films, starring Beezlebub “Bub” Jr., a lesser demon in our fictional Underworld setting. As a recent college graduate, Bub has just begun his first job as the Underworld Mail Service’s newest mail carrier, when a cruel twist of fate lands him with the crucial task of delivering a top-secret Letter to the distant, mystical realm of “Upstairs”. Players will journey through the depths of the Underworld to complete Bub’s quest, navigating the monstrous pits of young adulthood – and a few sinister characters – in this ‘coming-of-age’ fantasy game.

One of the most rewarding components of the design process for Oh, H*LL! was the creation of its logo, inspired by vintage and retro horror movie advertising. Additionally, the game's logo design was influenced by archetypal comic book typography, leaning further into its place within the "cartoon" genre.

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