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MEFCC 2018 | Young Artist Competition


Middle East Film and Comic Con



During 2018, whilst I was living in Dubai, Middle East Film and Comic Con (MEFCC) hosted a competition for artistic teens in the Middle East region. I was 16 at the time, and created this artwork based on the brief provided by the convention’s organisers. We were asked to design a cover for the event’s brochure, inspired by coats of arms as seen in many fantasy media. The brief encouraged participants to incorporate popular themes and elements of Comic Con in our entries, to create a cover design that represented the multifaceted interests of the pop-culture community.

With the image of Dubai’s iconic skyline in its background, my design included MEFCC’s brand colours and mascot in its imagery. The Comic Con shield includes iconography of 5 key communities within “nerd” subculture, including (in clockwise direction): gaming, manga & anime, superheroes, film & cinema, and comics. My artwork was awarded the first place prize, and featured on the cover of MEFCC 2018’s event brochure. It is an immense honour to say that over forty thousand people attending the convention saw my artwork.

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